Current Projects

Child-Robot Interaction

The aim of this project is to assess if child-robot interaction can be used as a tool to enhance the child's mobility and exploration of an open environment.

Technology: Socially Assistive Robots


Herbert Tanner, PhD (University of Delaware)James Cole Galloway, PhD, FAPTA (University of Delaware)Rene Vidal, PhD (Johns Hopkins University)Jeffrey Heinz, PhD (Stony Brook University)

Dynamic Body Weight Support

The goal in this series of projects is to examine the feasibility of novel open-area body weight support systems for motor training outside of the lab/clinic and to assess changes in motor function of children with various mobility challenges.

Technology: Portable Body Weight Support Systems


James Cole Galloway, PhD, FAPTA (University of Delaware)

Upper Extremity Wearable Exoskeletons

The goal of this project is to develop and assess the feasibility of a novel soft robotic wearable device that provides arm mobility assistance in very young children with arm motor impairments.

Technology: Exoskeleton


Konstantinos Karydis, PhD (UC Riverside)Will Grover, PhD (UC Riverside)